Battle of the Customs 2018

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  • Harley-Davidson® Event

Hardcore Metal!  Eat your Heart Out!

All Gauteng chapters and Harley riders were invited to a "street party" at Harley-Davidson Pretoria to experience a the best examples of creative customization of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.

Bike riders from all over the province packed in to listen to some great live bands. The spit braai sizzled in the background, while riders painstakingly added a tattoos to the current collection, or queued at the Beard & Barber to tidy up their "helmut head" mops. There were test rides on demo models and the Jumpstart™ was available for new riders still at the "wishful thinking" stage of our biking lifestyle. 

Customization is not taken lightly by rider or artist. Countless hours of delicate work goes onto each motorcycle, with spectacular end results that owners can show off with pride.

Our 2018 Winners

Prizes were allotted to the best H-D® Original Custom and People’s Choice.


  1. Raymond
    Harley-Davidson Road King® with side car
    Customized and airbrushed by Leonard Myburgh
    Leather work by Leather Boyz
  2. Leonard Myburgh
    Harley-Davidson Softail® Deluxe
    Customized and airbrushed by Leonard Myburgh
    Leather work by Dion Korkie
  3. Cliff Carr 
    Harley-Davidson Softail® Fat Boy®
    Customized and airbrushed by Leonard Myburgh
    Leather work by Dion Korkie

People’s choice

  1. Danie Kieser
    Harley-Davidson V-Rod®
    Customized and airbrushed by Leonard Myburgh
    Leather work by Leather Boyz
  2. Robin Potgieter
    Harley-Davidson Sportster® Forty-Eight®

  3. Awie Krog
    Harley-Davidson Softail® Cross Bones


Interview with Leonard Myburgh of Custom Studio

With so many winning H-D motorcycles customized and airbrushed by Custom Studio, H.O.G. Riders Digest took the opportunity to interview the talented Leonard Myburgh.

The love of design & art

The love for designs, art and motorcycles inspire Leonard.  He finds it amazing and very challenging to get into his customers minds and produce something that is so personal to them but yet works on a motorcycle as a great design.  Providing the clients what they could not even imagine possible.  That feeling when you unveil a bike to a client and; all their emotions take over.  That’s priceless - the feeling of bringing joy and emotion to people through art and design.  All put together, what job can be better?

Perfection takes time

Once a motorcycle is pre-book and arrives at the studio it could take more or less four weeks for a paint job all depending on what needs to be done.  When a full custom build is involved it can take longer, depending on the studios workload.  We can run up to five full custom paint jobs per month; I try not to take on much as the same time as the last thing we want is to disappoint any of our clients.  Every bike design is different so it is very hard to put a timeline to any job, but from past experience the four week timeline seems to work well.  Clients need and want their babies back as soon as possible.

It’s in the logistics

The design and airbrushing stage takes the longest to complete.  All the planning and working out the correct styles and paint schemes is the most difficult part.  The technical side gets covered with experience.  When working with Duco Paints the main thing to remember is never to be impatient and never cut corners or rush.

It’s a lifestyle of individuality

There is no real ratio to a higher demand for customization between brands of motorcycles, personally I just think the Harley-Davidson Brand is known to be open for customizing and it is way more acceptable.  When you purchase a Harley, it is because you are different and you show it through your bike.  It is more than a bike; it is a lifestyle and what better way to express it?  Customizing and personalizing your ride to show your individuality.  On other brands this does not have the same impact.

  • Source:  Leonard Myburgh
  • Submitted by:  Angelique Dermit
  • Photographers:  Rudi Barnard & Mike De Kock





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