H.O.G.® Inter-Chapter Games


Saturday, 03 March 2018
  • National Event

The 4th Annual Inter-Chapter Games held at Harley-Davidson Pretoria drew a crowd of fiercely competitive participants and enthusiastic supporters from all the Gauteng Chapters!  The various Harley Owners Group® Chapters battled it out for the title of ICG champions in a celebration of the spirit of H.O.G. -  fun and fearless! Ex-Zambezi members supported the games sporting an old Chapter flag - just to remind us who reigned at the Games in 2017!

Congratulations to our winners!

Johannesburg the Conquerors

  • Overall Chapter Winner
  • 1st - Gymkhana: Garth Taylor
  • 1st - Pins & Loops: Hans Vogelsang
  • 1st - Lotto: Myron Blassoples
  • 3rd -  Gymkhana: Myron Blassoples

Pretoria at war - 2nd Place

  • 2nd - Pins & Loops: Stephen Sim
  • 2nd - Waterfall: Eugene De Beer
  • 2nd - Gymkhana: Tiaan Venter
  • 3rd - Pins & Loops: Karl Pailman
  • 3rd - Waterfall: George le Grange

Gold Rand - furiously competitive

  • Highest Scoring Lady - Dianne Silva
  • Gold Rand Chapter won the 2018“Gees Trophy” . It was accepted graciously, with forewarning to Johannesburg Chapter to keep the trophy safe for them until 2019.

And as Awie Krog, Director, stated after reviewing the engineering design of the water slide:  “Best orange gutter-water-slide-recycle-thingy-me-bob ever!”

More about the trials...

  1. Skills Test Ride: This skilled riding course challenged the rider with a variety of tasks to complete on the bike with the best times recorded.

  2. Lot'o Luck: A rider and pillion drew one number from each of 4 containers to make up the lucky number selection for the draw later in the day.  If a rider put down his or her feet, only the numbers already selected were entered.  Missed  containers and dropped numbers did not count.

  3. Pot Shot: Using a small ring, participants maximized the team score by throwing the ring onto the highest scoring pegs.  Of course in true risk reward style, the pegs worth the most are placed further from the bike path.

  4. Water Rush: Each team was given a container with a set amount of water at the beginning of the ride.  The team poured the water into the slide, rode to the outlet pipe and recaptured as much of the water as they could without putting their feet down.

The Famous orange thingy-mi-bob!