H.O.G.® Pretoria at Sun City


Monday, 08 August 2016

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When cold weather strikes and heated grips are not enough to warm your fingers, opt for the quickest route to warmer weather. Bless the brave souls that attended the H.O.G. ® Durban Duma Rally, a trip to Drakensburg in the mid of winter is not for sissies. So not being of the sissy Chapter, H.O.G.® Pretoria planned their Winter One Nighter to nothing colder than Sun City.

Tips: Hit the road at around nine when the sun sits high enough to warm at least your leather jacket, warding off the last of the morning chill. Ensure you ride in the middle of the pack where the heat of surrounding engines waft straight onto your shivering body. DO NOT ride upfront, no sir. The cold makes your eyes water and potholes cannot be seen through squinting eyes streaking tears.

Whoever decided to ride a scenic route via Brits to Sun City great stuff as for some in all their riding years have never seen the town of Brits in the Bojanala region North West just north of the slopes of the ancient and majestic Magaliesberg Mountains. That is, from what could be seen by riding in and straight out again, continuing a mellow ride to Beestekraal Stasie in the middle of êrens and nêrens. Quite an interesting pit stop for refreshments, complete with a Saloon and shop selling all types of what South Africans typically call “kaggel kakkies”, a term used for purchasing items of no use that lands up on display on the fire place mantle piece. As for entertainment at Beestekraal Stasie, you can’t take a H.O.G.® anywhere, there will always be a toy or two to amuse themselves with as long as it has wheels or a steering.

Sun City known as South Africa’s kingdom of pleasure in all its Glory had the feel of summer, at the Valley of the Waves visitors were swimming and lazing in the sun, they must have been tourists not to realise it is winter in good old South Africa. Never the less, Pretoria all loved the warmth and booked into the Cabanas receiving their welcome gifts made up by the events team. The woolly blankets each had members personal names embroidered on, no dispute there about property rights. Those were to be taken with to dinner at the Shebeen that evening as it may have been a tad cold out. No blankets was used that evening, not even on the beach, against better judgment The Lost City so called from inspiration by the myth of a lost African kingdom, invited the group to have buffet dinner at the Palace where the rich and famous appear. A must go to place for those who want to spend their life earnings in two days.

Management must have felt pity (not that they understand the hunger of a cold male rider) for the sight of them H.O.G.®s gobbling up their massive burgers that afternoon at the Brew Monkey overlooking the beach. Well that was the men, the ladies tried not to choke on their fries as the bronzed bodies of foreign visitors strolled by the glass windows in their speedo’s, dang it sure is terrible to live in S.A. in the winter!

Try and be a “larnie" wearing jeans and tekkies to dinner at the Palace, keep the voice as low as possible. Allais H.O.G.®s cannot do anything quiet when together in anyway, so the tranquility and romanticism expected by foreign visitors became a shattered illusion. No braaivleis selected there, they have enough of that on a weekend at home while watching rugby. Thus sampling of all offered on the buffet in small portions and sampling of sweets in oversized portions were the order of the day. The wine list a firm attraction but at prices of R30 000 per bottle they stuck to per glass and under the table flasks. Naturally photos have to be taken as proof that you frequented the Palace, on the grand stairway, in front of the water fountain with it bronze gemsbok heads and on the bus off course the most lekker place to share jokes and have a laugh as the audience can’t run away.

Pop into the casino with the last of your spending money late at night, and be greeted by half the H.O.G.®s that disappeared shortly after dessert was served. Instead of hanging around the one armed bandits getting robbed by the minute, they gathered to make party of their own. Some chained themselves to slot machines and refused to leave until the sun touched the Pilansberg mountain tops.

As home in Pretoria was not too far away, they all slept till whatever time of the morning before materializing for breakfast. Yep, they missed out on the opportunity to view the local monkey population having a ball on their bikes, sitting on the seats of a few Harleys, munching on whatever they could scrounge out of the dustbins of leftovers.

The photographer ran like mad to catch that once in a lifetime piece of action on digital. Oh the satisfaction to be able to flaunt it to them “Holy on thine bike owners”, but no there had to be that one Harley lover present screaming like a lunatic for the baboons to get the hell off the precious bikes! As if the baboons did not by then messed themselves and the precious bikes out of pure fright.

Well now that was the coolest for a Winter One Nighter at the hottest place… Sun City.

Article by : Angelique Dermit
Photographers: Angelique Dermit & Elke Milne