Island Ride - V-Twin meets horse-power

Chapter Organiser: 

In Mauritius riding your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is always a special occasion for members, but on a hot Sunday in Summer 2017, riding was going to be even more exciting. October ride organisers - Pierre-Yves Roten, alias “Flint Stone”- Director, Victor Mendes-Assistant Director and Dominique Crepet - put their heads together and conjured the brilliant idea of bringing together V-Twins and actual horse-power, a real “premiere”.

The day started with the gathering of excited participants at our usual meeting point.  After a warm welcome from Victor, the briefing took place and it was then with much anticipation, time for the ride with an exceptional difference.

In perfect weather conditions, the outride took around two hours as we traveled along awesome curvy roads in the Chamarel Region and the South West of the Island.  Our route took us toward the Peninsula Le Morne - a World Heritage Site and home to the international slave route monument. 

Meeting the horses

Finally -  we reached our destination - the beach at Le Morne.  After parking our H-D® motorcycles and a quick welcome drink, it was time to meet the “horsepower “.  All participants were provided the opportunity to ride on horseback thanks to the kindness of the “ Haras Du Morne “ who provided several horses for the enjoyment of our members. Kicking up a fine spray of white Mauritian beach sand under hoof, the horses galloped playfully across the beach. It was a feeling of pure delight to steer these magnificent animals through the shallow waters of the ocean.

For many of the participants this was their first horseback riding experience and based on the smiles on everyone’s faces, this was a truly unforgettable experience!  One could clearly see the delight  in their eyes - that feeling of riding and freedom, as well as the joy of sharing the day with our Harley Owners Group® family. 

Horses and motorcycles both elicit incredible pleasure.  Each inspires feelings of a close relationship, respect and passion.  Both can be temperamental and need a relaxed body posture and soft touch to throttle or rein.  As you ride, you feel the vibration run through you, and enjoy sense of raw power.

To top off the day, Director “Flint Stone” played the role of “chef de cuisine, expertly preparing a giant dish of seafood paella right on the beach.  The magical aromas were enough to entice members away from our mechanical and equine steeds. In a tribute to the chef's culinary skills, there were no left overs…

In Mauritius nothing is impossible and it will continue to be as such for our H.O.G. Mauritius Island Chapter.  So if you come to Mauritius, do not hesitate to contact us and to join in the fun!

We invite all members to join an exceptional ride out for the day.
V-TWIN meets Horsepower

Hallo de H.O.G. Mauritius Island Chapter, Venez visiter et joignez-vous au plaisir !
(Hello from H.O.G. Mauritius Island Chapter come visit and join in the fun !)

  • Submission:  Pierre-Yves Roten, Director, H.O.G. Mauritius Island Chapter
  • H.O.G. Editor:  Angelique Dermit