K.i.D.S. Blanket Run 2018


Sunday, 17 May 2020

Chapter Organiser: 

  • National Event

The annual K.i.D.S Blanket Run of the Harley Owners Group® is a heartwarming example of the hands-on charity projects regularly undertaken by H.O.G. Chapters.

It all started with a group of Chapter members just over 10 years ago. Rather than passively discussing the bitterly cold Highveld winter, they motivated members to get together some blankets and went onto the inner city streets of Johannesburg and delivered them to the people who needed them the most. People - and especially children - living on the streets in the cold.

The next year many more Chapter members asked to join the group and by the third year, the ride and support was substantive enough that the first official Kids in Dire Straits (K.i.D.S.) blanket run was organised.

It has developed into an event for all bikers and is supported by every H.O.G. Chapter, riding association, many MC’s with loads of every day riders joining in. In Gauteng, the local H.O.G. Chapters support extends to not only with their members joining for the ride and donating blankets but with the joint effort of the five Chapters marshal teams to marshal an event drawing over 1400 motorcycles for a mass ride event focussed purely on blankets for the needy.

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