Make the most of your membership

Whether you’ve just bought your first Harley® or you’re a Harley Owners Group® Life Member, make sure you stay in touch and get the most out of your membership…

Here are our top tips on how to get set up and keep up to date with your H.O.G.® family.

Back to basics

Looking to renew your H.O.G. membership or got a friend who wants to join? It couldn't be easier to sign up or renew – here’s how:

  • For new memberships, or for membership renewals, visit the H.O.G. website at
  • You can also contact us by telephone on 00 800 1111 2223 (toll-free, subject to your phone provider); our multilingual customer services team will be happy to assist you!

Stay in the loop

South Africa now has it's own newsletter! As a H.O.G. member you are already signed up - no hassle. Every email has links to unsubscribe or to forward the email to a friend. There is also a subscribe link for friends who are interested in becoming a H.O.G. member or finding out more about our community.

As a H.O.G. member, you’ll receive our monthly e-newsletter, HOG® Insider. It’s packed full of the latest riding stories, news features and updates from the H.O.G. world.

If you didn't  sign up to receive Insider when you first joined, no problem – just follow these steps to subscribe:

  • sign in to your H.O.G. profile on
  • click on your name in the top right-hand corner, and select ‘Edit Profile’
  •  under ‘Update your info’, select My interests’
  • tick the box marked ‘Via email’

That’s it – you’re all signed up!

Check us out

Since you're here, you already know about the South African online news. Missed out on your copy of the magazine - read our print magazines from 2018 online!

But if you are interested in HOG news from further afield, our new online hub, the HOG Blog, at is the place to go. Here you’ll find a curated selection of the most exciting and inspiring stories from HOG® magazine and HOG Insider, including some of our favourite features from the archives.

The ‘Galleries’ section of the HOG Blog is all about you – it’s where we publish the snaps that you send in via the H.O.G. app and via email. Every week we include
our favourite as Ride of the Week. Check out what fellow members have been getting up to, as well as shots from the latest H.O.G. events around the world.

Show your allegiance

Joined the club? Now get the T-shirt. There’s a huge range of official clothing and goodies available at Whether you’re looking for a classic eagle tee, a heritage pin for your jacket or a new flag for your chapter, you’ll find it here. There are products to suit all sizes and styles, and discounts available on bulk orders.

Check out the dedicated range of merchandise for the 35th anniversary, including the beautiful hardback commemorative book.

If you have any queries about an order send an email to

How to sign up for the International H.O.G. newsletter