Motorcycle sales signal recovery!

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Since 1900 there have been over 32 economic crisis of one form or the other. After each, there was an economic recovery, however gradual. With the economic recovery came, most importantly to us bikers, an increase in motorcycle sales.

After the Great Depression, sales increased. The oil crisis of the 1970s, an increase. The global recession of the early 1990s, again, an increase. And after 2008’s financial crisis, yup, a global increase (although not in South Africa who didn't experience the dip.)

Why buy a motorcycle after an economic meltdown?

Let’s dig into the logic of it first.

  • Motorcycles generally offer a more cost-effective means of getting around. The cost of purchasing, the cost of owning, fuelling, insuring, servicing and storing is lower. The mobility solution and status that a motorcycle like Harley-Davidson ® offers compares favourably with a relatively expensive car. During and after fuel price increases, the cost of running a motorcycle made it extremely attractive to an entire generation of riders.
  • After the mental strain of crisis don’t we, as a species, crave a sense of freedom, a spirit of independence and an unshackling of the restrictions?
  • The cameraderie and friendship of fellow riders. How amazing was the H.O.G. first ride after lockdown? And in our history, after each crisis, the friendship that motorcycles bring inspires a whole new generation of riders.

The inspiration for this, comes from Brett Cowell's article in ZA Bikers Magazine. Please read more here.

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