Safe Rider Skills Training - Why do you need it?

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Safe Rider Skills Training courses present by Harley-Davidson certified trainer Luis Da Silva, as H.O.G.® Global Instructor & Skills Rider Trainer, Luis has extensive experience training the Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific Regions.  Over the past 5 months, Luis has provided free training to various Chapters throughout South Africa, and recently re-evaluated and updated course material for all Chapter S.R.S.T. Instructors.

Just when you assume you are on top of your game in terms of riding, you learn there is so much more. The course improving your awareness and focus on riding skills and techniques, and understanding (and appreciation) of your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

Riding with confidence

When it comes to riding, there is nothing like experience. However, the right training will accelerate your expertise and technique. Learning about riding shouldn't stop with that "A" motorcycle license!  Advanced riding courses make you a safer, smarter motorcyclist. The skills and techniques are essential knowledge that will stay with you for life.

As well as helping to reduce fuel consumption and wear and tear to our motorcycles, advanced riding courses prepare you for adverse road conditions and help riders to identify a potential danger on the road with enough time to avoid it.

Always ride according to your capability - don't allow yourself to be pushed into recklessness

The practical riding portion of training includes braking and cornering techniques, throttle and gearing, grip control, head and body rider posture and body language,

Apart from practical riding skills, in the theory section Luis touches on:

  • safety checks prior to mounting your bike
  • simple rules that regular riders forget, neglect or stop taking seriously
  • in depth discussions on cornering and road safety issues in wet and dry weather
  • road danger awareness
  • dress for the occasion: you need the right riding gear (vs non-riding gear). When you're in a tight spot, you want to be wearing properly strengthened riding boots, a well-fitted DOT-rated helmets, padded gloves, a padded jacket and real bike riding pants.

I noticed the dedication and concern that was shown by H.O.G. and Harley-Davidson to present S.R.S.T. to improve our awareness of safety and additional riding skills we were unaware of before.
Riding in a controlled environment to put in practice what was learned during the theoretical session, this is the real reality check for the rider novice or veteran.  Your riding skills WILL improve after this course without question!

Harley® owners out there from all over South Africa, I strongly recommend you contact your closest H.O.G.® Chapter and enroll yourself in an S.R.S.T. course. Advice from a fellow biker - S.R.S.T. is definitely beneficial to you as well as to your fellow riders.

  • Submitted by: Pepe Dermit
  • Photographer: Angelique Dermit