Sunday Breakfast "Ride into Spring"

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Sunday, September 1, 2019 - 08:30
Join us for the start of Spring at the historic Molly’s Speakeasy in Henley on Klip, this Sunday 1st September. The term Speakeasy refers to a bygone time, a place of gathering with drinks and laughter where patrons can “speak easy” and avoid the attention of the authorities. The closest modern-day example would be what we know as a Shebeen. The building Molly’s Speakeasy is located in, is more than a century old. Tannie Molly is lady in charge and the venue even boasts a small dairy milkery out back. With Sunday being the first day of Spring, something that only happens once every 7 years, we invite you to a speak easy session with our lovley L.O.H.® Officer Colette Howie as hostess and Pearce Penberthy as Road Captain leading the pack to the venue. We will be greeted by a superb venue with great ambience and absolutely awesome food. At the Chapter we will be taking your food order before the briefing. You will receive a booking number, to be used at the venue. Below are some pictures of the venue to whet your appetite. A menu from the venue is also available for you to view what will be on offer for Spring Day. Feel free to dress up as bright and colourfully as you like for this Spring Day ride! Briefing at the Chapter: 08:30am Departure to Venue: 09:00am

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