Tyger Tales - Lockdown Light Relief!

Chapter Organiser: 

Who could know that just a short period after this Tyger Tales was written, our world would change so fundamentally. Weekly Breakfast Runs were discontinued, rallies and events cancelled. And then South Africa chose to implement one of the toughest, longest country-wide lock-downs experienced anywhere in the world, in order to beat Covid-19.

So far, the virus has not been able to take hold in South Africa. Cynics said that AIDS, TB and poorly funded infrastructure would decimate us. Instead our country has suffered one of the lowest death rates in the world. Our President was resolute, our people acknowledged the common sense of his call to save South Africa. They took the quarantine in their stride with typical humour, determination and an astonishing volume of beer and spirits.

Today is April 30th, and we are 34 days into lockdown. Our release is just a few days away. The future is uncertain, but it is definitely brighter than it was a month ago. We have a new appreciation for the simpler things in life, and a deep realisation of what really matters.

That fateful decision to "stay safe, stay strong, stay home" - made with limited proven data - has turned out to be the successful approach. Despite the devistating impact on the South African economy, we are better positions than countries like Sweden, the UK and USA who were forced into a late "about turn" after their initial approach that attempted to protect their economy over their people.

There are hard days ahead, but we have built businesses before, and we will do it again. And at least thus far, we can do it with our parents, friends and children looking on. We have a lot to be proud of.

The past 5 weeks has been spent in a fantasy world of that embraced Netflix and pajamas, home-baked bread, house maintenance, gardening and hobbies. We have endlessly monitored the news and statistics from both home and abroad. We have Zoomed and Skyped, we have cuddled our pets, attempted to home school our kids, and depleted our reserves of cigarettes and alcohol. We have REALLY missed our bikes!

This 20 page magazine is a labour of love from the H.O.G. Tyger Valley Chapter. It is also a concise and accurate perspective of the pleasures of our "previous lives", and we hope it will be a taste of our lives in the future. Now is the time to start thinking how your chapter can share new social adventures but with physical distancing in place. Where can we go, how can we ride together but apart?

We are resilient. We are determined. So let's ride and have fun!!

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  • H.O.G. Tyger Valley
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  • Editor: Elsabe Barlow
  • Photographer: Sanet Stephenson